Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wallis Leather Jacket.

Okay, so I always thought that Wallis was an old ladies shop. But I have been proven wrong! I only came across Wallis clothing range by luck really. At work I have taken the place of a lady, and that lady receives emails from Wallis and I now get all of her emails. So I have noticed quite a few bits that I would really like. One item inparticular was this leather jacket. Its price was £65. I thought this was a little exspensive especially before Christmas so I was planing on buying it after.
HOWEVER, on Tuesday I received an email from Wallis stating they had a sale on their coats. Better yet, the leather jacket I wanted was sitting right there!!
So I just had to buy it! I went online, found it, noticed it was now £32.50, stuck it in my bag and pressed BUY. Annnnd, I only had to pay £1 for delivery as I spent over £30!

I received my jacket only two days after ordering so I am really please with the delivery time!

I will definitely use Wallis again :)

Sorry for the rubbish pictures!! I now have a new camera, but I had already made this post and as I am currently at my boyfriends I can not take new photos on the new camera! All other posts after this WILL have much MUCH better pictures :)
Also, I have no idea why these photos arnt aligned correctly or why some of the text is smaller!?. I am having 

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