Monday, 30 January 2012

Work Face.

Just a mini post to show you all how I do my make up for work. I wear it the same everyday, unless I get up late haha!
My cheeks don't actually look this orange! Think its the camera :-/
MUA Primer - £4 Superdrug (review)
Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover - £24.50 Boots (review)
Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hrs - £6.99 (or 3 for 2) Superdrug
ELF Clarifying Pressed Powder - £1.50 E.L.F
ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder - £1.50 E.L.F
MUA Mascara - £1 Superdrug
MUA Eye liner (used on eyebrows) - £1 Superdrug
2 True Glossy Wear Lipstick - £1.99 (or 3 for £4.99) Superdrug
MUA Lip Gloss - £1 Superdrug

I don't actually like the MUA Primer, but I will not let myself buy another one until I have used it (super saver at the minute!). I only use the tiniest amount of my Estee Lauder foundation mixed with some Rimmel 25hrs just to help the application as the Estee Lauder is quite dry and thick.
The rest is pretty straight forward. Overall, it takes me about 15minutes to do this! Which means more time in bed for my lazy self! :-)

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Top ten loveable's this week.

Just a little post of my ten favourites this week :-)

I thought it would be a good idea to start using anti wrinkle cream
now to help prevent them, right? I got this from Home Bargins
for 99p and I love it! Its so moisturising and smells YUM!

I also thought I should start taking Vitamin C to help prevent
colds etc! Also 99p from Home Bargins

I can not go without a tan! I tried the pale look and
lasted 3 weeks. I just couldn't do it. This tan is great,
affordable, great colour and fades well! £6.99 Superdrug

This is so moisturising and smells great! A great 
way to look after your fake tan! I got this in Boots
for £2.99 I think.

This week I have been rocking Barry M Colbalt Blue.
It looks great with a tan and such a great colour!
£2.99 from Superdrug

This is my little time saver! I am so busy during the
week, I'm lucky if I even wash my hair! My hair doesn't
get greasy but I will use this if I haven't washed my hair
for a few days. Gives great volume too!
£1.75 from Superdrug

If it wasn't for serum, I'd have a fizz ball afro!
This is Catwalk by TIGI. Its so good and only
need a tiny bit. I'm not sure how much this is,
my mum gets it from her work.

I love Alberto Balsam! They are all such lovely smells!
These two are Mandarin, which is YUM! I also leave
conditioner in over night once a week and this is great 
for that! 99p from most shops.

What would I do without!? I go the gym most nights
after work and this has the staying power of cement! 
So it really is good for me as I need something to last.
£26.50 from Boots

This is my favourite perfume EVER! I use so much
of it! And its a good price too!
£15 approx. From Boots, Superdrug etc

Monday, 16 January 2012

Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Coverage.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Coverage - £26.50

This is the first 'expensive' foundation I've ever bought. I have never spent over £10 on a foundation before just because I'm a tight ass and wont buy something expensive unless absolute necessary! I have had to take the plunge and buy something more expensive with the hope it will do exactly what I want. Full coverage, with that flawless finish.

I decided to buy Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Coverage as I have seen some really good reviews on it and its a well known brand for quality. I nipped into my local Boots store at 5.30pm when I knew there wouldn't be a girl on the stand (they annoy me, sorry) and grabbed myself the lightest shade. Ivory.

I have written a small summary here but please 'read more' below to find a more in-depth review.

The ups...
Full coverage
Natural look as it blends and sits well
You only need a tiny amount (the foundation will last longer!)
Amazing staying power
Matte finish
Smooth finish

The downs...
The price- £26.50
This can look cakey if not applied the best way for your skin/routine.
Needs a few practice runs before you find the best way to apply.
The same coverage can be achieved from cheaper foundations, although the overall finish can't (I haven't found a cheaper one to do so yet).

#1 Tips & Tricks.

- To remove stubborn nail varnish, fill the lid of your remover and hold your finger in for a minute. Wipe. WALLA!
- Towel dry your hair after washing, apply your everyday conditioner and sleep with it in. Wash out in the morning to find your hair soooo much softer and relaxed.
- To store your extensions with zero tangels, plait them into one big plait (or a few smaller if easier). Tie. Job done.
- Drink a glass of water and brush your teeth before you decide if your hungry.
- To keep skin moisturised, use baby oil in the shower after washing. Pat dry after.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

In need of new hair.

Hello beauts!
I'm really ill at the moment so I'm just doing a little 'from my bed' post.
I am thinking of changing my hair (again) but I am not quite sure what colour out of the following:

I haven't fake tanned since the 23rd of December either so I am super pale!!! Any suggestions? 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New nails.

Just a kind of NOTD post. I had my nails done earlier at a nail bar called Hollywood Nails. I had infill's and also had them painted, costing £16. This is the only place I like to get my nails done. I have tried other people but the Chinese men in this one know exactly how I want them. Nice and square! Not over-filed on the sides! They are also very quick and quite cheap. Laaaaavly :)
Only thing is I wish I asked what the colour was called because I really like it and want to buy some! If you have a similar colour, please tell me :D


Hello beauts!!!! I have now set up this new blog, in the exact same form as my old one, just with a different email address and name. Sad? Yeah I know!! But I am such an OCD freak that I had to have it all coordinated!
When I first started my blog I didn't think I would grow to love it as much as I do, so I just gave it my own name and used a spare email address. But now I want it all matching haha!!

P.S If you can make nice headers, please let me know!! I really need something better!! :-D

MUA Primer.

Just a quick post about this MUA Primer. I got this from Superdrug, retailing at £4. I really didn't want to buy this primer as I am a big lover of the E.L.F Primer however I had problems with the bottle, so I have given up :(
I was disappointed with this MUA Primer as it is EXACTLY like Superdrugs cheap face moisturiser. I can not find a difference. So I would rather use that than spend £4 on this. I also don't like the fact that it is like a moisturiser. I loved the E.L.F Primer as it was a gel and seemed to smooth over my face. This one doesn't, it just soaks in. This doesn't seem to aid my foundation application very much at all.
Overall, I would rather use my cheapy moisturiser than this primer and hope that E.L.F can sort out their packaging!

New Years Resolutions.

My New Years Resolutions. 
(I probably wont stick to them)

1. Lose a little bit of weight and tone up A LOT. 
I am going on holiday in June with the girls and want to get into better shape!

2. Blog more often!
The main reason I haven't blogged so much is because I didn't have a good camera to take pictures with. BUT I now have one!

3. Use my current products before buying new ones!
I have about 12 bottles of fake tan for starters!

4. Save more money.
I wont go in detail of how much I earn, but I only need to pay out about £300 a month. So the rest of my wages, well... They go on CRAP. I need to stop wasting so much money and start saving for something nice :)

5. Pass my level 2 AAT course.
This course cost me a lot of money so if I don't pass I am going to be so annoyed for wasting that money and time!

I don't have any more resolutions.  I don't really see the point in them and chances are I wont stick to them. But I will try and see how well I can do. I need a challenge I guess :)

Barry M Nail Paint.

Hello my lovelies! Did you have a nice Christmas!? I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!! YEAAAAAHH :D
So I can now post good quality pictures (well, I will try. My photography skills aren't the best).
I popped into town the other day to check out the sales and I was sadly disappointed. I didnt find anything I liked. So I got myself some Barry M nail varnish instead :)

I got these from Superdrug for £2.99 and because I spent more than £10 on Barry M products, I got the Lilac Foil Limited Edition Effects FREE :) (Retailed at £3.99)

Red Glitter

Cobalt Blue

Lilac Foil Limited Edition Effects.

Blue Glitter

 I really love this colour and the fact that its glittery. I am always changing my nail colour and like it to be a bit different. I know this isn't to everyone's taste but I love it!

 I wasn't too keen on this colour when I first saw it and I certainly wouldn't have bought it, but as it was free I was happy to try it and to be honest its actually okay. Its not disgusting but then again its not amazing. Will I wear it? Im not so sure. Maybe it needs time to grow on me!

 WOW! I really love this colour! Its amazing! Its so solid and not the most common colour of blues, which I like. When I saw it, I just had to get it. You may not like it, but its in my top fav three at the mo!

LOVE this red nail glitter! I have a thing for red nails. But I don't let myself buy any more red polishes as I already have a few, but as this was glitter (I don't have a red glitter) I allowed myself to buy it! And I really love it! I've painted my toes with it and I think it really makes my tootsies look more 'girly'. I hate feet anyway so I always try to 'pretty' them up a little. YUMMY. I will be buying this again and again!

Wallis Leather Jacket.

Okay, so I always thought that Wallis was an old ladies shop. But I have been proven wrong! I only came across Wallis clothing range by luck really. At work I have taken the place of a lady, and that lady receives emails from Wallis and I now get all of her emails. So I have noticed quite a few bits that I would really like. One item inparticular was this leather jacket. Its price was £65. I thought this was a little exspensive especially before Christmas so I was planing on buying it after.
HOWEVER, on Tuesday I received an email from Wallis stating they had a sale on their coats. Better yet, the leather jacket I wanted was sitting right there!!
So I just had to buy it! I went online, found it, noticed it was now £32.50, stuck it in my bag and pressed BUY. Annnnd, I only had to pay £1 for delivery as I spent over £30!

I received my jacket only two days after ordering so I am really please with the delivery time!

I will definitely use Wallis again :)

Sorry for the rubbish pictures!! I now have a new camera, but I had already made this post and as I am currently at my boyfriends I can not take new photos on the new camera! All other posts after this WILL have much MUCH better pictures :)
Also, I have no idea why these photos arnt aligned correctly or why some of the text is smaller!?. I am having 

Christmas Brawl.

This Sunday just gone (11th) was my boyfriends fight! He is a MMA fighter if you didn't know so it was an exciting night! And an excuse to get dolled up a little :)
I wore this all-in-one from Newlook that I bought last year in the sale for £7 I think. And teamed it with my little black boots that were also from Newlook, £20 I think and necklace & earings I pinched off my mum. :)

Watch Dougs fight HERE...
Douglas is the one starting closest to the camera, with DEADLY written on his shorts! (also the one that slams the lad a few times!! haha)

Unfortunately Douglas didnt win, although it was close! Even though he didnt win, it was still an amazing night. A few of my male friends were fighting and a few of my girls came along and we had a few rather a lot of drinks. So all in all, it was a cracking night! I definitely felt it on monday. (ouchies)

Nivea Pearly Shine.

Hey, hey! Just a little quickie!
My lips have been so sore lately due to the weather so I have invested in a little lip balm, and its so nice I had to dedicate a post to it! 

Its in a lovely little pink casing, has a pink shimmer to it and applies very nicely. What I love about this lip balm is that it has a 'sweetie' taste to it, unlike some other lip balms that can be a bit nasty. I also love the fact that it has a pink shimmer to it and this is one of the reasons I bought it. I thought if I was going to be applying this 8,000 times a day, it would be handy if it kept my lips a nice colour too. Double wamy! 

If you have sore/dry lips, go a grab yourself one. I got mine from Superdrug for around £1.50

Headkandy Hair Extensions.

Over 5 months ago I really wanted to get some good quality extensions after I purchased a set from a shop in Bath called Just Beauty that were absolutely rubbish! So I asked about on Twitter if anyone could recommend a good brand and the lovely Leanne mentioned Headkandy.
When I first looked at their site I thought they were a little pricey but I was willing to pay the price if they were going to be good quality, which I was told they would be. 

I bought the 20-22inch full head set in Spiced Auburn for £79.99 and paid £4.40 for postage and packaging. Unfortunately I stupidly didn't take any pictures of them when I first got them, so I cant show you how long they where or the colour of them before I cut and coloured them.
Here are pictures of them AFTER CUTTING AND DYING them:

So after five months of having these little beauts I've only just managed to get my hair to match the colour of these extensions. Hence the reason I'm only just blogging about them now!
I know the cut of these looks really awful but I have had them cut to match and blend with my hair, so when they are all clipped in they look more natural.

From this...
To this...

*** TO THIS!!! ***

The quality of these are so good!! They are so soft and yummy! The ends where in good condition when I got them but since cutting a good 5-6 inches off them they are even better :) (I wish I knew I was going to cut so much off them as I would have got a shorter set!) Even after colouring them, washing them and straightening them a few times, they are still really yummy! I can tell these will last a good amount of time if I care for them well. 

I find the quad weft really helpful as it allows you to add extra thickness without using four individual wefts and having a lot more clips in your hair. 
All the wefts are number-labelled to help guide you with application. I find this really helpful as I have had them cut to a specific style so I need to remember the order in which I put them in. 
The clips are not bad either, sometimes they are a little difficult to clip down fully but after getting used to them I have no trouble.

Overall I really love these extentions and they are really worth the money!! You can buy your set here; Headkandy