Thursday, 2 February 2012

Primark haul.

Today I nipped to Bristol to have a sneaky peak around the shops while I had a day off work. Being the super saver that I am, I headed straight for Primark!! So here's what I got!

Bra £7 Knickers £3
Gloves £4. Clip £1.50. Chignon £1
If you look closely you will seen two pictures in the background!
The left if my mum and the right is me. Hahaa!
Just a few bits and bobs really. I have an addiction to PJs as I am ALWAYS cold! The all-in-one is actually thermal, made to wear under normal clothes, which is why its so tight! Not sure id wear it out but you never know, we may have snow! The shoes just caught my eye, and I wanted to start getting my summer bits in :)
The other bits are just random jing jang! Hahaa!

I hope youre all wrapping up warm in this cold weather! :)

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