Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Years Resolutions.

My New Years Resolutions. 
(I probably wont stick to them)

1. Lose a little bit of weight and tone up A LOT. 
I am going on holiday in June with the girls and want to get into better shape!

2. Blog more often!
The main reason I haven't blogged so much is because I didn't have a good camera to take pictures with. BUT I now have one!

3. Use my current products before buying new ones!
I have about 12 bottles of fake tan for starters!

4. Save more money.
I wont go in detail of how much I earn, but I only need to pay out about £300 a month. So the rest of my wages, well... They go on CRAP. I need to stop wasting so much money and start saving for something nice :)

5. Pass my level 2 AAT course.
This course cost me a lot of money so if I don't pass I am going to be so annoyed for wasting that money and time!

I don't have any more resolutions.  I don't really see the point in them and chances are I wont stick to them. But I will try and see how well I can do. I need a challenge I guess :)

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