The beginning.

I first started blogging in May 2011. The main reason I started was because me and my boyfriend split up and I wanted something to take my mind of it. I only came to the idea by one of my friends on twitter tweeting about her blog. So out of curiosity I asked what she was always talking about, she explained and I thought 'I want to start a blog'. And so I did :)

My first blog was called Jessica-emilyy (my name, obviously) and I ran this until January 2012 when I decided I wanted a name for my blog along with a matching email address (I am a bit OCD). So I started Sparkling mist. I lost most of my followers (I had about 45 followers on my old one) and started fresh.
If I knew I was going to take it so seriously and grow to love it so much, I would have thought about it when I started! But hey hey.