Saturday, 4 February 2012

Boots binge.

 Owww dear! Not again! Im such a sucker for Boots and Superdrug! Yesterday evening, after work I popped into Boots to get the No7 Colour Calming Primer for red complexions. Buuuut, that isn't all I got!

Natural Collection. Pink Cloud £1.99
Natural Collection. Rosey Glow £1.99
Natural Collection. Golden Glow £1.99
Natural Collection. Sun Shine £1.99
Natural Collection. Biscuit £1.99
Natural Collection. Sherbet Fizz £1.99
Natural Collection. LashLength Black. £1.99
No7 Colour Calming. £11
Natural Collection. Cover Up Green. £1.99
Of course I will review most of these in time! I will keep you posted :)

Pink Cloud & Rosey Glow Blushers
I wanted two different shades of pink blusher so that I can use the lighter one on the upper halve of my cheek and the darker on the lower halve of my cheek (form of contouring). I don't usually do this but as I've watched so many videos on YouTube I wanted to have a little play around. This is why I only opted for a cheaper product, because if I don't use them again I wouldn't have wasted mega bucks!

Golden Glow & Sun Shine Bronzers
I have brought these for the same reasons as above! Plus the fact I always use bronzers. Whether its just on my cheeks or all over to match my foundation with my fake tan.

Biscuit Foundation
I just brought this to mix with my Estee Lauder foundation as it is quite thick and dry. And I got it in a darker shade than I normally would as my Estee Lauder foundation is really light so when I have a tan I need to darken it.

Sherbet Fizz Lipgloss & LashLength Mascara
I just brought these two to wear to work. I try to keep my make up plain and simple for work so I dont spend money on high end products for this occasion!

No7 Colour Calming & Cover Up Green
I brought the No7 Colour Calming as I have wanted it for a while. I have really red cheeks and skin tone in general so I thought I would give it a go. I then noticed Natural Collection did their own version of a colour calming product so I thought I would give that a go as well and compare! Considering one is £11 and one is only £1.99

I also went back to Bristol today with my sister and ended up in flipping Primark AGAIN! I only brought a few bits, so I will put them up tomorrow.
I hope you are all well!!!! :-)

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