Wednesday, 8 February 2012

This is how.

Hellooooo!! This is a picture overload post! I have pictured how I do my make up step-by-step, to show you all how different it makes me, and a million others, look.

This is before and after:

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Primed with No7 Colour Calming for redness. £11. Boots

Natural Collection Foundation. Biscuit. £1.99. Boots

Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Coverage. Creamy Ivory. £26.50. Boots

This is the amount I would use for one cheek and forehead.
I use the E.L.F Foundation Brush to apply. £1.50


I have used my hands to give my face a good rub to get a better finish.

I then use my E.L.F Total Face Brush £1.50 to apply some E.L.F Clarifying Pressed Powder in Honey £1.50

I love my E.L.F Total Face Brush as it isn't too dense, giving a more natural finish compared to a really
thick, dense brush.

Natural Collection Blusher. Pink Cloud. £1.99. Boots
Applied with my E.L.F Bronzing Brush £1.50

I apply at the very lower part of my cheek bone, although its not underneath. Everyone does it different but this is how I like mine :)

Fish face?

Natural Collection Blusher. Rosey Glow. £1.99 Boots

I apply this under the blusher I've already applied. This time I don't go too close to the apple of me cheek.

I then use my E.L.F Bamboo Complexion Brush to buff my blusher out.

WALLAH! No more blusher lines.

Maybelline Eye shadow. 605.  I'm not sure how much, I got it about 2yrs ago!
E.L.F Eye Shadow Brush £1.50

I apply to the top of my brow and underneath the arch. I also apply to my lids and little bit underneath the eye.

E.L.F Studio Eyebrow Kit. Ash. £3.50

MUA Eyebrow Pencil. Brunette. £1. Superdrug

I buff my eye shadow in a little so it isn't so obvious. I then use my eyebrow kit to give my brows shape.
I finish off by using my pencil just to add a little colour.

GOSH Eye liner. Black. £4.50. Superdrug.

Natural Collection Lash Length Mascara. Black. £1.99. Boots.

I apply a very thin line with my eye liner at the tops of my lids and at the very bottom. I don't apply it to my actual eye line, I apply just below, where my lashes grow. This helps widen my eyes as they are quite small.
I apply mascara on top and bottom lashes :)

Add a little lip gloss by MUA. £1. Superdrug.

NO FLASH. I am not really pale compared to the rest of my body :)

Other than the flash making me look two different colours, this is my make up finished!

Add some HAIR and I'm done! :)

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