Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Headkandy Hair Extensions.

Over 5 months ago I really wanted to get some good quality extensions after I purchased a set from a shop in Bath called Just Beauty that were absolutely rubbish! So I asked about on Twitter if anyone could recommend a good brand and the lovely Leanne mentioned Headkandy.
When I first looked at their site I thought they were a little pricey but I was willing to pay the price if they were going to be good quality, which I was told they would be. 

I bought the 20-22inch full head set in Spiced Auburn for £79.99 and paid £4.40 for postage and packaging. Unfortunately I stupidly didn't take any pictures of them when I first got them, so I cant show you how long they where or the colour of them before I cut and coloured them.
Here are pictures of them AFTER CUTTING AND DYING them:

So after five months of having these little beauts I've only just managed to get my hair to match the colour of these extensions. Hence the reason I'm only just blogging about them now!
I know the cut of these looks really awful but I have had them cut to match and blend with my hair, so when they are all clipped in they look more natural.

From this...
To this...

*** TO THIS!!! ***

The quality of these are so good!! They are so soft and yummy! The ends where in good condition when I got them but since cutting a good 5-6 inches off them they are even better :) (I wish I knew I was going to cut so much off them as I would have got a shorter set!) Even after colouring them, washing them and straightening them a few times, they are still really yummy! I can tell these will last a good amount of time if I care for them well. 

I find the quad weft really helpful as it allows you to add extra thickness without using four individual wefts and having a lot more clips in your hair. 
All the wefts are number-labelled to help guide you with application. I find this really helpful as I have had them cut to a specific style so I need to remember the order in which I put them in. 
The clips are not bad either, sometimes they are a little difficult to clip down fully but after getting used to them I have no trouble.

Overall I really love these extentions and they are really worth the money!! You can buy your set here; Headkandy

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