Saturday, 28 January 2012

Top ten loveable's this week.

Just a little post of my ten favourites this week :-)

I thought it would be a good idea to start using anti wrinkle cream
now to help prevent them, right? I got this from Home Bargins
for 99p and I love it! Its so moisturising and smells YUM!

I also thought I should start taking Vitamin C to help prevent
colds etc! Also 99p from Home Bargins

I can not go without a tan! I tried the pale look and
lasted 3 weeks. I just couldn't do it. This tan is great,
affordable, great colour and fades well! £6.99 Superdrug

This is so moisturising and smells great! A great 
way to look after your fake tan! I got this in Boots
for £2.99 I think.

This week I have been rocking Barry M Colbalt Blue.
It looks great with a tan and such a great colour!
£2.99 from Superdrug

This is my little time saver! I am so busy during the
week, I'm lucky if I even wash my hair! My hair doesn't
get greasy but I will use this if I haven't washed my hair
for a few days. Gives great volume too!
£1.75 from Superdrug

If it wasn't for serum, I'd have a fizz ball afro!
This is Catwalk by TIGI. Its so good and only
need a tiny bit. I'm not sure how much this is,
my mum gets it from her work.

I love Alberto Balsam! They are all such lovely smells!
These two are Mandarin, which is YUM! I also leave
conditioner in over night once a week and this is great 
for that! 99p from most shops.

What would I do without!? I go the gym most nights
after work and this has the staying power of cement! 
So it really is good for me as I need something to last.
£26.50 from Boots

This is my favourite perfume EVER! I use so much
of it! And its a good price too!
£15 approx. From Boots, Superdrug etc

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